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Cat Services

Jakey and Ash

Jakey and Ash, two happy campers.

What can you say about Cats – They’re beautiful and independent! Some don’t understand how an animal that’s so self-reliant can have so much love in their hearts….but they do!

At NY Dogs Rock we have this understanding, and care for them the same as the dogs that we walk and board. It’s the same love that we show towards our family member’s – because they are family. For us it’s not just a job, but a labor of love to our furry felines.

Our cat sitters always take care of the basics like food and litter, but they also go the extra mile to make sure that your fuzzy friends are feelin’ the love. During each visit we spend quality time with your pet to make sure that they’re not only clean and well fed, but also happy and getting the attention they deserve. These gorgeous creatures are totally in-tune with their emotions, and we want to leave them feeling good.

Cat Sitting Fees:

One Cat: $16

Two Cats or more: $18

Feel free to let us know about your pet’s special needs, or ask us any questions about your pet. We enjoy listening to what you have to say, and no question is too small to be asked.