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... to our love.

About Us

All of our Dog Walkers are professionally trained, and are certified animal lovers – specializing in Dogs and Cats!

Zoo Zoo

Pets are people too!

Those who feel that their pooches are part of the family are the people who wish to have someone great, like us provide a professional and personal good time for their pets. Not only should your pet feel completely satisfied but so should you!

We always make sure that your pals will receive the proper exercise, have fun and feel that they’re getting something more out of being outside than just a walk.

Doggies are individuals and they should be treated as individuals regardless of breed, temperament or physical build. This is the idea for when they’re walking with their pals or on a solo walk. They should not be over compensated as that would not be fair to them as well. What we achieve is a balance that is satisfying to both the pooch and the parent(s) who care for them.

During the hot weather we have dog-water bottles so pets stay hydrated and cool. During the cold months we dress them according to what clothing they have that’s suitable for the weather.

Should you wish for references regarding our services we will be happy to provide them.

As it says in our name: NY Dogs Rock! … To Our Love. From the Love, comes the understanding and the communication. As The Beatles sang: ‘All U Need Is Love’

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to consider us as a friend to your special friend.